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Abby's Corner, our resident SEO expert.

Search engine optimization tips and keywords from Abby's corner

Blogging, what is it?

Last week we were discussing how to make your website visible to the search engines, things like meta tags, the keywords, titles and description tags. Now we will look at blogging.


Hi my name is Abby,


Blogs, what are they exactly? Weblogs or blogs are used by individuals to maintain regular entries of information. The information can be personal, political, informational or whatever they want to write about.

So what does this mean to me you ask? Well, blogs are a great way to talk about your brand or service you sell. You can also write about anything you like to do, I would write about the chipmunks I've chased over the years and how to catch them.


Ok? so far so good? You can find websites that host blogs all over the internet, just Google it and you can pick from hundreds. Wordpress is one I like, it's easy to set up and maintain. Pick one and follow the directions to sign up, it's pretty simple to do and only takes a few minutes. Now you are ready to blog.


But what do I write about? Well, write about something you sell, or a service you provide. You can also write something humorous, something serious, something political, the skies the limits really. I wouldn't recommend anything too controversial, hate speech, racist things, inciting riot, sexual things that you wouldn't discuss in public etc. Remember anybody that finds your blog can read it. 


Now that you have your topic, write about it. It's that easy. Be sure to use proper grammar as much as possible, it's really hard to read blogs filled with errors. Your blog doesn't have to be long, a few paragraphs is usually good.  If you are talking about a service or product be sure to use keywords and links back to your website. Just follow the instructions for the particular blog website. This can serve a few purposes, one it gives the spiders or bots (remember those guys?) a way to find your website, giving your site a bit more credit with the inbound link. Two it directs a reader and potential buyer or client to your site.  You can also link to your blog from your website or Linked In account (you do have a Linked In account right? We'll go over that later in case you don't). You want people to read about you and your products so they become interested and buy from you.


Try to set aside time each week to write about something. If you love sailing (my daddy does), write about your latest regatta, or if you are a real estate agent, talk about the housing market that week etc. It doesn't take long if you have an idea in mind, 30 minutes to an hour is usually plenty of time. Remember this isn't a novel, just keep it simple and interesting.


After the first few blogs, you'll find it easier to do and fun. Good luck!

The things to remember are:

  • Google keyword Blogs and pick one to use,  there are literally hundreds.
  • Write about something you know, enjoy, sell or a service you provide, just nothing too controversial, remember it's out there for everyone to read.
  • Use proper grammar, as much as possible. You don't need to be perfect, but the less mistakes and problems the better.
  • Be sure to link to your website, it's easy to do and helps the bots find you along with the reader.
  • Set aside time to write blogs, it doesn't take long and it gets easier the more you do it. I know the first few I wrote it felt like torture, now they are fun.


Blogging is a fun, free way to express yourself, now go out and write something. Maybe I'll read it and learn something new or buy from your website. Bye for now,




Social media? Isn't it just for kids and adults that want to be kids? See what Abby has to say about it.

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