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Abby's Corner, our resident SEO expert.

Search engine optimization tips and keywords from Abby's corner

Your website needs an update or two.

When we last spoke we talked about social media and the impact it has on our everyday lives. Today we are going to take a look at your website and why it needs an update or two.


Hi my name is Abby,


OK so you have a website. Your 1 splash page or 100 page e- commerce website is a great start to getting your company and brand out there for the world to see. Then you go about your business and the website begins generating calls and sales.


Six months later you suddenly realize that the calls and sales have decreased or stopped entirely. What happened to my website you wonder. You go to your website using the URL and sure enough it's still there. Well that doesn't make sense, it's still working when I go to it. Why all of the sudden has everything stopped.

The answer is more of a question, when did you update your website last?


Your answer may just answer the question. You haven't done anything in the 6 months the website has been active. You just haven't had time, after all you are a busy business owner. That makes sense and you are not alone.


Remember those search engines and the spiders they use to crawl the internet and index information? When your new website went live on the web the spiders indexed it. If you used your meta tags properly and had good keywords for your site then it was happy to index it higher than the other competition in your business. Then you did nothing else with it. The spiders come back on a fairly regular schedule for the first few months to index your website. However if you never touched it after it was live the spiders see you haven't done anything else with it and begin to extend the the between visits. After so many times the spiders figure your website is not being changed and they stop visiting almost entirely. That's not good.


So how can you run your business and still keep my website fresh to keep the spiders coming back and indexing it. First make sure you can make changes in your website or that your web master can. Go to your website every week and change something on each page. It doesn't take long or require that you write brand new content. Some wording changes, maybe a new paragraph or sentence. You can also change the titles of your pages and insert new keywords into the meta tags. Don't forget too that the pictures you use on your site can also have alt tags, so you can change those as well.


These changes will bring the search engines back to look at your website. When they see they new changes each week they will visit more often. The result will be that your website will gain ranking and once again be useful to you and your customers.


The things to remember are:

  • Just having a website is not enough, you need to keep the changes constant and fresh to keep the search engines coming back to index the pages.
  • Changes don't have to be drastic. Just changing a few words, sentences or a paragraph or two shows your website is being updated. Don't forget the meta tags with the keywords and alt tags for the pictures on your site. The search engines will take note of the changes.
  • It doesn't take very long to implement changes each week. If you are so busy your webmaster can make the changes for you.



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