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Some do's and don'ts withSearch engine optimization tips and keywords from Abby's corner

Facebook Advertising

Wow, it's been awhile since we last spoke. Well life for me has gotten pretty interesting. Since the beginning of the year I lost my step sister Geisha to cancer. It was very sad but now I have two step brothers, Gimli and Thaoden. They are very fun and playful though sometimes they play at 3am. I figured this week I would reprint an article written by Alex about some do's and don'ts with Facebook advertising.


Facebook Ads are a great way to reach a very specific group of people. With anything else there are some things you can do to make it successful and some things that will make it go down in flames. Naturally if you are paying for the ads you want them to be successful. Let's look at some things you can do to make the ad campaign successful.


First make the ad relevant. This is important and what it means is the text in your ad should relate to what's on your landing page. Don't make the ad say something about cats and it goes to a dog page when clicked on. Facebook monitors these things, so be careful.


Use proper capitalization, things like the first letters of words in titles, proper nouns and anything that should be capitalized in the language you are using. Also use proper grammar and punctuation, you want to look intelligent right?


Make your picture relevant and slightly provocative (but safe for family/ work consumption. No nudity, obscenity, blood and guts, ) If possible make the picture show "action" where something is happening


Be sure to target the right people, this is obvious (I think). Correct keywords are important. If you have the keyword lawyers but are selling cat grooming supplies it wouldn't be right. You don't want to mislead your potential customers.


A call to action is very important. Actions like click here, come to see the new products, read more, follow me etc. Your success in getting people to click your ads is Facebook's success. They get paid more through clicks and your business, product or whatever you are advertising gets more attention. A great situation for everybody.


Like other SEO (search engine optimization) ads you want a customized landing page to match what your ad is saying. It doesn't have to be much, a paragraph or two which then has a click to continue link or button. If you're thinking I'll just use my sales page as my landing page it's not recommended, it should be a separate page. Facebook supposedly checks one level down so make it good. On top of that make sure it contains no sales, money, asking for info stuff on it.


Be as precise on targeting those you want to attract. Facebook has got this down to a science. You can target by age, sex (male, female or both), interests, location, connections, marital status. Use this to your advantage. Remember when you are designing your ads Facebook updates the estimated amount of people that will see your ad. Keep an eye on this, it's not exact but pretty interesting.


OK now here are the things you shouldn't do with your Facebook ads. Keep these in mind because Facebook is serious about keeping the ads appropriate and will not hesitate to pull an ad it feels violates these ideas. Always check the rules Facebook has on their site for more information. Even if Facebook doesn't catch the ad or if it's right on the edge of the rules you want people to click on your ad, not to be offended etc.


In your ad don't use all capital letters. Unless you live under a rock most people in the Internet/ email world consider this yelling. Nobody likes to be yelled at so don't do this. If the word is properly spelled with all caps then it would be more proper (like the initials NFL).


Don't use all small letters. This would be the direct opposite of the using all caps idea. Facebook disapproves ads that do this.


Don't misspell word on purpose. Facebook does not allow leet speak (a communications where a user replaces letters for numbers or other characters.) or slang terms.


DON'T LIE OR MISLEAD!!! (did you like being yelled at??) This is a big one. Not only are you making yourself look bad but Facebook will possibly ban you from ever advertising again.


Don't use fake landing pages, forwarding, iframes or anything related to these things. Where your ad points to is the first place your user must go.


Never insult people, no matter what. Facebook wants to make any users experience pleasant.


Don't use numbers in place of words. Example People for Dogs, not People 4 Dogs.


Don't advertise anything that would be considered evil. The rules of advertising spells this out very well. Remember not everybody in the world thinks guns or alcohol are good and it may even be illegal in some countries. Know before you start if what you are advertising is OK in the countries you are targeting.


This is an overview of the major things to consider when launching a Facebook advertising campaign. Remember to refer to the official rules from Facebook if there is any question about an ad or idea you are not sure will fly with Facebook.

The things to remember are:

  • Facebook is a great way to advertise a business or product. Create a custom landing page for those that click on your Facebook ad. Don't use this page to immediately sell your product or service though.
  • Make sure you never use ads to insult any person or group. Facebook believes that everyone should have a pleasant experience and will not hesitate to pull ads that are insulting.
  • Never, ever, no matter what lie or mislead in your ads, not only does it make you look bad Facebook may ban you from advertising forever.
  • If you have questions about your ads Facebook has a great help section with all the rules and policies for advertising.


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