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Hints for Web site Development

Your web site is often the first and sometimes the last thing people see of your business.

More people use the internet to do their research than ever before. How do your prices compare to others? Where are you located? Do you offer the services they are looking for? They may find you through advertisements, word of mouth, or by driving down the street - but they usually go to the internet to learn more about you.

Who is your visitor and what do they need?

When creating a web site it is important to keep in mind your visitors needs. You don't need to tell them everything about your company, just what they need to know so they will pick up the phone, send you an e-mail or buy your product or service. On the other hand if you are using the internet to reduce the number of phone calls be sure your visitors can find the information they need quickly and easily.

Make good use of your web site's home page.

Use the home page to guide your visitors to the information they are seeking. For example - most people are not seeking your mission statement although for some businesses this may be very important. If it is, give it it's own navigation button, a tag line or prominently display it in your 'About Us' page. Let people choose for themselves what information they want to see.

Not everyone uses the internet so focus on those who do.

I'm sure you know someone who wants nothing to do with computers, the internet or the hassle of learning a whole new skill set. With that in mind, concentrate on focusing on those who do. If you are looking for clients for your assisted living facility, you may want to include features that would appeal to sons, daughters or health care providers, such as family information nights or Continuing Education opportunities.  

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