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MMC makes it affordable for you to have the marketing materials you need to project the image you want. When we meet with our clients, these are a few of the development points we talk about first.


Your marketing materials are your first line ambassadors.

Whenever a potential client picks up your brochure, flyer, or marketing piece, it is subtly telling them many things about you.

  • Your automation company brochure design is modern, tastefully designed and to the point - you are a high tech company offering cutting edge products and services.
  • Your rehabilitation facility postcard highlights a new service and includes several photos of your staff working with happy clients - your facility is expanding services to meet the needs of it's clients while providing loving care from a well trained staff.
  • Your assisted living flyer features photos of your new outdoor dining area with an invitation to join you for lunch on the patio - your facility is striving to provide a comfortable living space for your clients including beautiful outdoor living areas.
  • Your day care center features photos of happy children playing in your new water play area - the play areas in your facility are spotlessly clean and children love playing there.

You know best what your clients are looking for.

Your marketing materials are often the images your potential clients, parishioners or customers see first. Look closely at the materials you are distributing. Compare them to those from other organizations. Ask yourself - if you knew nothing about your organization, which would you choose? You are the one who knows your business best - our job is to help you look at your marketing materials with new eyes.


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