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Hints for Content Development

MMC offers content development for all of our services. We can develop content from scratch or we can edit content you already have. Below are a few of our hints for developing content that makes your web site or marketing products work.

What is special about YOU and your company?

When people visit your web site or read your marketing materials they want to know what is special about what you are offering.

  • Does your health care facility have a separate division for advanced wound care or an full time nurse practitioner on staff?
  • Does your church have a vital youth program or special programs for senior citizens? What do they do? When do they meet?
  • Has your law office received community awards for promoting special programs to reduce youth crime or assisting seniors with disabilities?
  • Does your ocean front rental property have an outdoor shower with an attached changing room - or a hot tub overlooking the beach?

These are the types of things people are looking for. What sets you apart from the crowd? Why should they trust what you are saying? How can they talk to you or visit you in person?

Organization is key!

Almost every small business offers multiple services or products. Health care facilities may offer Alzheimer's care, assisted living services or specialized bariatric care - each with specialized divisions within them. An animal hospital may provide surgery, chemotherapy or kennel care. Organizing this information so that people can find what they're looking for easily is essential.


  • Your web site needs to be easy to navigate with all of your information a finger's click away.
  • Contact information should be prominent and include web site information.
  • If you want to direct a potential client to a particular service, be sure to  include the web address to the specific URL page. For example, if Morris Marketing & Communications wanted someone to know more about our web services we would include the complete URL address and a link (if possible) www.morrismc.com/WebDevelopment.htm.

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