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Content Development

People visit your website, look at your flyers or read
your brochures to learn more about YOU.

At Morris MC Ltd, we help you develop the information

your clients are looking for.

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Website Content:

As a business owner you probably lack the time or personnel to write and develop effective website content? Unlike most website development companies, Morris MC Ltd also provides content development services. We take information you already have and develop it into easy to read, easy to understand, search engine friendly content.

Search Engine Optimization:

One of the easiest way to increase your website's appeal to the major search engines is to have a site rich in meaningful content. Key words, relevant links and knowledge of the latest Search Engine optimization (SEO) trends can greatly increase your site's ranking. Morris MC Ltd can help you develop the strategy and content you need to make your website as search engine friendly as possible.

Morris MC Ltd. makes content development easy!

If you can tell us what you want people to know, and supply us with information you already have available,

we can organize your material and develop it into easy to read, easy to understand written content.

Marketing Materials:

How effective are your marketing materials? Do they look like everyone else - or do they highlight qualities that make you the better choice? We help our clients develop effective, easy to read text, specifically designed to reach your target customer.

Technical Writing:

Care and maintenance of products - how to use instructions - catalogs . . . well organized, easy to understand technical information is a great way to reduce support costs and free up staff for more productive pursuits.

Morris Marketing and Communications, content development, Contribute training, search engine optimizationMMC makes it easy for YOU to make changes to your web site

How easy is it for you to access or update your web site? In order for a website to be effective and search engine friendly, it needs to be updated on a regular basis. Perhaps you have expanded your hours, lowered prices or are offering a free seminar. CONTRIBUTE® (an Adobe web add-on software program) allows you to make updates, add pages, revise prices, post new images - all without having to worry about extra fees or accidently changing the overall look of your website.


If you choose to use CONTRIBUTE® Morris MC Ltd. will set up your system and provide the training you need to get started.

Bringing big business web site design to the small business at a cost the small business can afford.

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